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Hi, my name is Dr. Chris Hohn and I am extremely passionate about health and wellness! I take very serious the root form of doctor, “TEACHER” and I am dedicated to changing the health of our community. My focus is on teaching people to work with their bodies natural designs, and not against them. I have been very active in sports throughout my life, and competed at the collegiate level as a decathlete for Michigan State University. During that time I learned the importance of keeping my body functioning at its best, and did so through proper nutrition and chiropractic care. I focused the beginning of my education on exercise science and just how to get the most out of our bodies. I continued my education to Chiropractic where I focused on not only how to help people who are in pain but how to maximize their bodies potential through proper movement and biomechanics. I believe getting your body at a healthy weight and reducing the amount of inflammation helps all areas of performance and health.